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I forgot to post these! This is me as Peggy Carter the other weekend, at Shore Leave 2014.

It was such a fun costume—I know the dress isn’t exactly like the one she wears in the bar scene in the movie, but it’s always felt very 40s-ish to me, and it got a LOT of compliments. Actually, most people didn’t get who I was supposed to be until they asked (although the fact that I was wearing a wig helped a lot in tipping them off that I was dressed as a character at all). It was a last-minute costume, but I’m so glad I was able to pull it together. I even got a little pewter SHIELD pin!

When Kalliope took that second picture, I tried to go for a dangerous smirk kind of look, and she said, “You’re making an Abbey face. Try to make a Peggy face.” Hopefully I landed somewhere in that realm!

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Do you think Bucky almost wishes he was the one turned into a super soldier?”

“No, I don’t think so… It wasn’t like, “Steve’s this muscle guy and I want to be him.” It’s more like, “Oh god—he’s grown up and what do I do?”

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Filed under goddd stan you always get it so hard THIS is the defining difference between comics bucky and movie bucky having a relationship with him pre-transformation and even being the dominant personality in a lot of ways (although that's an oversimplification of course) (it's not like pre-serum steve was submissive by any stretch of the imagination) but it's the whole big brother protective thing that comes through so clearly in the first couple scenes it changes the tenor of the whole thing i'm not sure if they count as a king-and-lionheart relationship in the comics but they DEFINITELY do here and it's awful i'm so upset captain america avengers bucky barnes sebastian stan gif warning mcu