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Dean Pelton: Abed, you’re special. Can’t you just stand at the scene of the crime and see what happened?

Abed Nadir: I see a man using a social disorder as a procedural device. Wait wait wait, I see another man: mildly autistic super detectives everywhere, basic cable, broadcast networks. Pain, painful writing. It hurts.

Community, s05e03, “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics” (written by Erik Sommers).

that sound you just heard is Abed Nadir blowing up the allistic-flavored ableism inherent in using autistic stereotypes to characterize your white boy super-detectives (BBC Sherlock Holmes, Will Graham of NBC’s Hannibal, Elementary Sherlock, Gregory House MD., the list goes on) while constantly denying the possibility that they might actually be autistic and even baiting that they could be but going, “naaah let’s not.” *stares very fucking pointedly at Bryan Fuller and Steven Moffat.*

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