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Let's test your sexuality!








I got a four, what did you get?

4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.

what the fuck does “are you sexually submissive” have to do with how gay you are????????? i’m seriously asking

Alfred Kinsey (who set the scale) was into some kinky stuff.  I think some of what he extrapolated about sexuality was a little fucked up.

oh i assumed this was an adapted version but if this is the original unchanged then okay yeah

that’s fucked up though, does that mean he thinks if you’re a woman ad sexually submissive that makes you more hetero???? fuck that

I’m “F - The test failed to match you to a Kinsey Type profile. Either you answered some questions wrong, or you are a very unusual person.”

Considering I literally just broke a Kinsey test with answers essentially amounting to nothing more spectacular than “gay-leaning pansexual who wouldn’t enter into all orgies no matter what,” I’m going with it’s outdated and working with some pretty reductive ideas about sexuality.


it must be true because it did the exact same thing to me

the weird thing is, i went back and started changing one answer at a time to see if it would give me a different result, and the one that switched it from F to 5 was “you would find a threesome awkward specifically because of the presence of the woman.” which, like. what? if my specific problem with a threesome was the sexual involvement of a woman, wouldn’t that make me…not predominately attracted to women?

real kinsey 5s are just too magical and unique for this test, apparently

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tatum played it like a love story;  he did!;  i watched an interview once and he was all blushy like;  ye they in love; (via queermccoy)

This entire movie was a ridiculous love-song. Allow me to take this opportunity to link to my favorite Marcus/Esca novels and novellas:

These were taken from my multi-fandom novel-length recs. Enjoy! :)

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Filed under GAY ROADTRIP FEELINGS MOVIE i'm so glad i randomly watched this on netflix one night there's something comforting about good old-fashioned intense friendship with homoerotic subtext between dudes like being in high school again the eagle channing tatum is a huge dork puppy and i am surprised by my affection for him every time gif warning

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At [Much Ado About Nothing]s core is intense male anxiety about female infidelity

The Norton Shakespeare Comedies, Much Ado About Nothing (via eighttwotwopointthreethree)

Everyone tags this with “not all men” but one of the things that is so powerful about Much Ado is that you do have, like, the one romantic hero in Shakespeare who gets it and actually figures out that the whole culture of cuckoldry panic is toxic and damaging and actually steps back from it — I know Greenblatt has a much darker reading of the play, because he’s a New Historicist and they always do, but the fact that Benedick is the only man in the play (other than the Friar, but he’s not part of the play’s whole bro complex) who believes in Hero’s innocence is a pretty big deal, given that even Hero’s own father doesn’t believe her, because “would the two princes lie, and Claudio lie?” And it’s very much a play about learning to be a good ally to women and recognizing that patriarchy is destructive — which I think is why Benedick comes off as pretty much the only romantic comedy lead in Shakespeare who feels worthy of the heroine. The flip side of the quote above is that the play is pretty optimistic about the possibility of a feminist heterosexuality, not that Shakespeare would have put it in those terms because he wrote the play in 1599ish but ykwim, and it requires listening to women and accepting their experiences as valid.

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My story about the film 'Monster House'




I had totally forgotten about these emails until the two tweets above jogged my memory.

This is a story about the nicest thing a non-relative has taken the time to do for one of my children without getting paid for it.

When Salinger was 7 she became plagued with nightmares about the…

Filed under i've never seen monster house but from the description this makes me want to show that little girl paranorman so badly it sounds like it has almost exactly the same basic plot other than the end the ultimate example of making the monster less scary by emphasizing and turning it bak into another person (unrelated to my point of reblogging this but fuck ebert for that tweet i don't care if he's dead if you don't think 'children's' media has the same spread between horrible and amazing as 'adult' media you are a poor excuse for a cultural critic and you need to open your eyes) ((obviously i meant the general you in that last part not ebert himself)) (((maybe i should stop talking))) putting this in my paranorman tag

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So my school is putting on a production of Macbeth and not enough guys tried out so instead of having a girl play male Macbeth, our direction said, “Fuck it, we’re doing Lesbian Macbeth”

This is the best possible solution.

I most heartily approve of this because it is awesome.

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Filed under AMAZING lady m: 'are you a man or what?' mackers: 'well i mean technically...' lady m: 'JUST KILL HIM ALREADY' that's more an example of the gender stuff falling apart but actually i think it could be played really interestingly shakespeare